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We Provide Antique & Classic Car Detailing Services


Whether you simply drive an antique or classic car or collect them, you will almost certainly require detailing services at some point. Fortunately, CARBONITE AUTOMOTIVE provides a variety of detailing services for owners of vintage and classic cars.

  • Exterior Detailing

    Snow, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, and UV rays may all wreak havoc on the external finish. Fortunately, you can have your vehicle’s exterior detailing done right here at our shop. Our exterior detailing procedure will not only maintain the finish, but it will also increase resale value and keep the automobile looking like new. You might also consider window tinting.

  • Interior Detailing

    The inside condition of an antique or classic car is equally as vital as the external condition. This is especially true now when many people live in their cars. There is, however, almost nothing that our auto detailing in Flemington, New Jersey, cannot remedy. During the interior detailing procedure, you can rely on our expertise to restore the interior of your vehicle to near-new condition. All upholstery, interior panels, and door jams will be cleaned and conditioned.

  • Complete Detailing

    If you want to restore the perfect state of your antique or vintage car, you should get it fully detailed. Our full detailing service is essentially a combo of our interior and exterior detailing services. As a result, thorough detailing provides consumers with the finest in car protection and restoration. Our full detailing service is the most affordable and convenient option to restore your car to factory specifications.

Contact us for more information on the detailing services we provide for antique and classic cars, as well as other services such as Paint Protection Film installation.

We also offer car storage in New Jersey. If you need more information, please send us a message.

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