black vintage car
Making your car shine inside and out

Level 1 Detail 

Car $95/Wagon $105/SUV $115+

Exterior- Hand wash, wheel faces/barrels cleaned, dried using filtered hot air and plush microfiber towels, tires dressed, glass cleaned (inside and out).
Interior- Vacuum and wipe down of all interior surfaces

Level 2 Detail

Car $350/Wagon $400/SUV $450+

Includes Level 1 Detail, plus:
Exterior: Clay bar and chemical paint decontamination, sealant applied to paint.
Interior: Extensive cleaning and vacuuming of the interior, seats and carpets steam cleaned as necessary, leather surfaces thoroughly cleaned and conditioned

Level 3 Detail

Car $800/Wagon $900/SUV $1000+

Includes Level 2 Detail, plus:
Exterior: Single step polish of the paint (which removes roughly 50-60% of defects) and finished with a sealant/synthetic wax.

Interior Only Detail

Car $200/ Wagon $250/ SUV $300+

A deep cleaning of the interior is performed including: inside windows, mirrors, all vinyl and plastic surfaces, dashboard, center console, cup holders, and headliner. Carpets and upholstery will be steam cleaned and scrubbed. Leather surfaces will be cleaned and conditioned, and plastic surfaces are left with a non-greasy matte finish.

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