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Providing protection to your car’s exterior to help it withstand different weather conditions

Wheel Coating

$200 for wheel faces/$400 for wheel face and barrel

Whether dirty wheels are your biggest pet peeve, or the fear of brake dust corrosion has you washing your wheels more often than you would like, a quality ceramic coating will give you the protection & peace of mind you’re looking for.  One application provides long-lasting protection from road grime and brake dust.

Window Coating

$200 ($75 for windshield only)

By increasing the hydrophobicity of the glass surfaces, this coating will keep your windows cleaner and making bugs and road grime easily removable.

Interior Protection

If keeping your interior spotless is as important as keeping your exterior shining, then having your interior leather surfaces protected will be a great investment. An application of ceramic coating on all leather surfaces will protect against ink stains, food & beverage spills, messy babies, and more! It’s a great preventative measure to reduce dye & denim transfer on light colored seats. All interior vinyl surfaces will be protected from harmful UV rays with an anti-static, matte finish treatment to retain their factory finish.  Pricing based on areas covered.

Paint Coating

To ensure optimal results, and even for new cars, we recommend that painted surfaces receive some level of machine polishing and/or correction prior to the application of a ceramic coating.  For pricing, please visit our ceramic coating packages page here.



At Carbonite, we feature 22PLE Premium Ceramic coatings to help block out the harmful effects of your car’s outdoor environment (UV sunlight, bird droppings, tree sap, industrial fallout, etc.) and protect the showroom shine on your car. We offer our clients a variety of other protective coating options with different levels of protection and value. Each of these options provides a different characteristic, but they all produce once significant result: durable protection with excellent shine. We offer coating applications for cars, motorcycles any other individual parts such as wheels, headlights and engine compartments. Washing and maintaining your vehicle becomes much easier when using a coating like 22PLE.

22PLE is able to provide protection ranging from 3 to 5 years.

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