black vintage car
Protect your investment and keep your car looking great with quality paint protection film

Your car’s paint will inevitably take some abuse just from the act of driving. Road debris, rocks, salt, bugs, bird bombs, etc. can cause paint chips and other blemishes that diminish the appearance of your car over time, and take away from its value.

We offer the latest, highest-quality paint protection films (PPF, otherwise known as “clear bra”) with self-healing technology, to help give your car’s paint that extra level of protection. In addition to traditional clear gloss film, we also feature films that not only help protect, but can also add some aesthetic flair to your vehicle, such as those with matte/satin finish, clear and black carbon weave, and many others.

Additionally, we offer films, both clear and tinted, that protect your car’s head and tail lights, as well as the windshield and other glass. Here at CARBONITE AUTOMOTIVE, we are passionate about helping our customers add years to their vehicle’s aesthetic value ensuring they make the most out of their investment.

Typical PPF Packages

fontend car

Front End – starting at $1999 (sports/small cars, Sedans/SUVs are additional)

  • Front fenders
  • Bumper
  • Hood
  • Mirror caps
racekit car

“Race Kit” – starting at $2399

  • Front End protection, plus
  • Rocker panels (below doors and in front of rear wheels)
  • “A” pillars
full car

Full Car – starting at $4999

Like everything we do at Carbonite, we take a bespoke approach to PPF and can customize the areas covered to meet your individual needs. Give us a call to discuss what’s right for your car.