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Prior to application of a ceramic coating, even on new cars, we strongly recommend some level of polishing and/or paint correction to achieve the best results.  This work is at the core of what we do to give your vehicle that mirror shine.   Paint correction is the process of removing swirl marks, scratches, surface defects, and water etching. Through the removal of the damaged paint material, a refined surface reveals your paint’s highest potential. As the paint is worked through multiple stages, a virtually defect-free finish can be achieved, that is often better than new. Our master detailers provide second-to-none results.

Ceramic Package 1

(Sports car/compact: $1200, Sedan: $1350, SUV: $1500)

Vehicle is hand-washed and receives clay bar and chemical decontamination.  Then we perform a single stage paint correction, where we expect both a 50-60% reduction in paint defects and a noticeable increase in paint gloss and clarity.  Finally, we apply one of our premium ceramic coatings to all painted surfaces.

Ceramic Package 2

(Sports car/compact: $1800, Sedan: $2100, SUV: $2400)

The single stage correction of Package 1 is replaced with an extensive 2-stage correction of the paint using different polishing compounds at each step, to remove 75-90% of paint defects, and with a dramatic increase in both gloss and clarity.   The newly refined paint is then coated in one of our premium ceramic products.

Ceramic Package 3

(Sports car/compact: $2200, Sedan: $2500, SUV: $2800)

This package contains all the elements of Package 2 plus adds ceramic coating on all exterior glass.  Additionally, the wheels are removed, deep-cleaned, and ceramic coating is applied to the wheel faces, barrels, and brake calipers.


Every ceramic coating package comes with a complimentary interior wipe down and vacuum.   A complete interior detail can be added for an additional $100.  Like everything we do at Carbonite, our coating options and paint correction services can be customized to your vehicle’s specific needs and your ultimate objectives.  Stop in or give us a call to discuss how we can help

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