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Does My Vehicle Require Ceramic Coating?


Is the paint on your car becoming dull and scratched? If so, ceramic coatings, designed for car detailing, could be the solution to your difficulties. The ceramic will protect the painted surface from scratches, marks, and other abrasions that can occur at any time.

However, remember that ceramic coatings don’t substitute paint protection film. Ceramic coatings are simply useful to the paint job of the vehicle, whilst paint protection films are intended to safeguard your vehicle from some of the most common causes of paint damage.

The advantages of ceramic coating are numerous. Among the primary advantages are:

  • Increased scratch resistance

    Ceramic coating provides greater scratch resistance, allowing you to wash your car without stress. Light scratches that might have previously been tolerated will now be protected.

  • Protection from inclement weather

    The ceramic coating will not flake off in rain, hail, or snow like wax would. This will keep your car looking brand new all year.

  • Chemical resistance

    Ceramic coatings feature a chemical-resistant barrier that protects your paint from pollution, bug spatter, bird droppings, and other contaminants.

  • UV Rays Protection

    The ceramic coating not only keeps your car looking new but also protects the paint’s color. UV rays, which cause fading and discoloration, will be reflected by the ceramic.

Ceramic coating is a long-term solution that will endure for years if properly applied and maintained. Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about ceramic coatings and are considering one, CARBONITE AUTOMOTIVE is the place to go for high-quality auto detailing in Flemington, New Jersey.

We also offer car storage in New Jersey. Should you have further inquiries, please feel free to call us.

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