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How Often Should You Avail of Auto Detailing Services?


Auto detailing is a type of service that helps keep vehicles in their best possible condition through cleaning and restoration services. Regular maintenance will promote the longevity of your vehicle, ensuring that it runs safely and looks proper. It will also prevent the early deterioration of your vehicle. We offer auto detailing in Flemington, New Jersey, for any classic car or Exotic Car, including services like paint correction and much more to help keep your vehicles in pristine condition.

But how often should you avail of auto detailing services?

Experts recommend scheduling your vehicles for detailing once every 4-8 weeks to help keep your vehicle well-maintained. In fact, waiting too long in between detailing services can speed up your vehicle’s rate of deterioration, especially for coatings like paint protection film.

Regular detailing services will extend your car’s lifespan by protecting its dashboard, paintwork, fabrics, leather, and more from weather damage, sun damage, and other elements. Detailing services every 4-8 weeks may seem costly, but it can be cheaper in the long run, considering the costs of avoidable repairs.

For more information about auto detailing, feel free to Call CARBONITE AUTOMOTIVE or visit our website. We also provide paint correction packages and other services like our car storage in New Jersey.

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