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Environmental Factors that Will Hurt Your Vehicle


When you acquire a luxury vehicle, it has become a social reflex to let everyone know you own one of these highly coveted items. Doing this means you’ll have to take them outside their much-needed auto storage for everyone to see.

Providing car storage in New Jersey taught us that the environment can have a range of factors that can hurt your vehicle’s looks and performance. Let us discuss some of these factors and how they affect your car.

  • Sun damage
    The sun’s rays can become harsh. These rays can cause damage to anything when exposed for too long. When you leave your car parked under the sun for too long all the time, it can hurt your paint job. You can always invest in paint protection film to optimize the protection of your vehicles.
  • Extreme temperatures
    Your vehicles can be resilient to normal temperatures. But driving in extreme heat or cold can lead to vehicle damage. High temperatures can lead to overheating and can hurt the health of your tires. Driving in low temperatures, on the other hand, can hurt your engine and inner working as it affects how well your car heats up.
  • Trees
    Trees are mostly harmless, but when you park under these trees for a long time can lead to damage. A lot of things can fall from the tree, including fruits, branches, and even animal droppings. Some objects can be too heavy to inflict significant damage to your car’s exterior.

If you want to preserve your car’s beauty and value, call us here at CARBONITE AUTOMOTIVE. We have a range of services, including auto detailing in Flemington, New Jersey, to keep your vehicles in their best shape. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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